2: Zach Bouzan-Kaloustian, Director of Customer Support @ DigitalOcean

In Episode #2 of Support Leaders, we interview Zach Bouzan-Kaloustian, Director of Customer Support at DigitalOcean. We talk about his time at Foursquare, Fab.com, and then growing with the team at DigitalOcean. He explores his ideas of “Support as a Product” and goes into detail about how they are solving their massive knowledge management challenge.

In this episode, you will learn:

The makeup of DigitalOcean’s support team, how many tickets they get, and how they have scaled.

The DigitalOcean support tool stack, why they chose to move to Salesforce ServiceCloud, and what their challenges were in moving. 

How DigitalOcean manages real-time chat with customers at scale.

The skills required to be a support agent for DigitalOcean.

How DigitalOcean’s support team works with the Risk and Saftey and Customer Success teams.